A State of Mind
Why Israel must become secular and democratic. A memoir
By Ofra Yeshua-Lyth
Both evocative memoir and sober analysis, Ofra Yeshua-Lyths penetrating study reviews the painful course by which the chains of religious orthodoxy from which the early Zionists sought to escape have become hanging cords, as Israeli Jews accept life in a homemade trap constructed from the dedication to expansionism and religious-nationalist domination that shatters aspirations for democracy and enlightenment.
July 2007
"This is an exceptional literary composition combining autobiographical narrative with the enunciation of a bold ideological concept. The book excels above all in its honesty, its lucidity of expression and the original manner in which it answers the question implied in the book's sub-title" "How was political Zionism defeated by the Jewish religion?"
"I was able to identify with the human outlook emanating from every sentence in the book, and I recommend it for every reader who cares about our existence as a country, as a people and as a society in such a turbulent region as ours"
"It is a long time since I have read such a serious work that combines personal recollections within a pool of collective experiences. This it does faithfully and skillfully."
Hebrew version by Nimrod Publishing House, 2004